Homeschool Coaching


I would love the opportunity to work with you to provide a quality and personalized learning experience for your child. We offer opportunities for small groups and individuals. Please call or email for details regarding dates, times, and rates. 

Why homeschool coaching with Mrs. Leek? 

  • My learning studio is a warm, supportive place where your child can work at his or her own pace alongside other homeschool students. This environment gives the feel of a classroom and the opportunity for social interaction.

  • Specified class time each week will provide your child a timeframe to complete school work which will allow more time and flexibility for sports, the arts, volunteerism, and family time.

  • A small class or individual support allows your child to get immediate assistance and feedback on assignments, projects, and test preparation. As strengths and weakness are identified, I can create additional resources and opportunities for remediation and enrichment.

  • In addition to assisting with and monitoring your child’s progress, I will create incentive programs and enrichment activities based on student needs and parent preferences.